A Must-have Watch for All the Adventurous Souls Out There!

26 Apr

Are you fond of outdoor sports activities? Do you realise the importance of a good watch while you are mountaineering or running? If you do then we have the perfect suggestions for you. The Altimeter, Barometer and Compass watch is the best pick for such people. You need all the three elements in the watch to monitor your performance effectively. Some of the watches that are really good and worth investing are Suunto Observer and the Suunto Care. Both these brands have a good reputation among professionals and will prove very effective in the long run.

Here is a brief description about Suunto Core

For sports enthusiasts interested in diving, sailing, hiking or even biking, they need a durable watch. This particular watch is made for the vertically incline, which essentially means that even if you are in a vertical position; you will be able to use the watch effectively. The function ability of the watch is remarkable. It has some amazing feature like the compass, weather indicator, storm alarm and more. You do not have to worry about most of the unexpected calamities as you will be well taken care of. The Suunto Storm Alarm will help you face those fearful situations such as the drop in air pressure or uncertain downpours. Another commendable feature is the altimeter. It is very valuable when you are going on the mountains or skiing. It displays the elevation, tells you the amount you have descended or climbed and it will also keep a note of the session for further review.
Imagine a scenario while you are skiing and suddenly the weather changes. If you have a barometer in your watch, you can easily predict the changes in the weather. And, of course, how can you forget the compass that is inside the watch. All you have to do is point the watch in the direction that you want to go in and put a lock to it.

Here is a brief about the Suunto Observer Titanium

You can wear this watch every day and it also has all the exciting features that should make a watch worth buying. The design is clearly a plus point when it comes to this watch. The display is very sharp and easy to understand. Moreover, it has an electro-luminescent backlight that makes the viewing better. The battery can be replaced several times, hence there will be no need to rush to the jeweller again and again to get the watch sorted. The bevel is amazing, which means that it will not wear and tear quickly. The compass is very accurate and so is the barometer. You can also measure your descents and vertical ascents by just a press of a button. They come with a standard warranty of one to two years. You will not face any kind of problems with the functions as it is designed from some of the best companies in the market. So, hurry up and purchase one.

Do You Have the Best Watch for the Outdoors?

Best Watch for the Outdoors
26 Apr

Playing sports is very important and has several positive effects. The best part about it that you can go back to playing at any stage of your life. If you are a sports enthusiast and have a thing for the wilderness – water, road, hills and more – you need to keep track of time. It is very essential and important. Another reason is that even when you are training for a marathon or even to achieve fitness in sports, it is important to keep track of time. If you are interested in road cycling, athletics and such activities, then owing a watch will tell you how well your body is responding.

Hence, to enjoy outdoor sports to the best of your ability and choice, you need to have a watch that will tell you the time correctly.

With the improvement and advancement in technology, it is amazing how you do not have to rely on your old weary compass or even the timepiece. Now, all sportswomen and sportsmen have better options. There are certain watches in the market meant for athletes and adventurers. Now every sport is different, so you will need different watches for different sports, since there are different needs. So, the question is what kind of a watch will be perfect for such sports. Some of the outdoor sports that require you to wear a watch are mountaineering, biking, hill walking, skiing and more.

Here is what you should keep an eye out for:

  • Your watch should have these three elements namely compass, altimeter and barometer. All three of them have different features which are essential to have in a watch.
  • For hill walking and mountaineering, it is essential to have an altimeter. For other outdoor activities, a barometer is very useful. It helps when you are going for an adventurous ride with your peers; you need to understand the weather completely. And the compass does not need an introduction. It is the single-most important object to keep with you.
  • Another feature that you might want to consider having in your watch is the GPS system. It is a live saver and helps you out in certain tricky situations.
  • Other qualities to look out for in a watch are that it should be efficient and high-quality. It should have a good precision.
  • If you are one of those who want to measure their performance every other day or even daily, get a watch that has computer-compatibility. The watch automatically downloads training lists from the computer. It gives you accurate information about distance, speed and other data.
  • Lastly, it is essential that whichever watch you buy, it has to look good. You need a smart watch that reflects your personality. You can go in for a strap design or get a watch with amazing colour combinations. So, if you want to improve and track how much you are improving, then go ahead and buy yourself a watch. It will be worth it, and add to your personality.